LA Lakers: Betting Preview for Pivotal Game 4

A wild Game 4 is coming.

The Los Angeles Lakers rode a 35-9 first quarter to victory on Saturday, taking a 2-1 series lead against the Memphis Grizzlies.

Behind strong play from virtually everyone on the roster, it’s clear the Lakers are no ordinary No. 7 seed.

For the Grizzlies, it was mostly the opposite.  Dillon Brooks was ejected and it felt like no one could hit a shot, but Ja Morant had 45-13-9 in his return and they proved a resilient foe to LA.

Heading into Game 4, Vegas still likes the Lakers.

Let’s break down some of the best bets ahead of tonight’s matchup.

All odds, lines and spreads are provided courtesy of BetMGM.

BetMGM: It’s Time To Change The Game

Best Picks in Grizzlies vs. Lakers (-5.5) Game 4

Grizzlies ML, +165

Like the Lakers in Game 3, we’re coming out hot.

Picking the Grizzlies to win in LA after a rough Game 3 seems risky, but it’s not. This team was the second seed in the Western Conference for a reason.

Ja Morant picked up the slack for his teammates last game and kept them competitive until the end.

Outside of Morant, no one else had a major impact on the game. Expect that to change.


This also feels like a trap game for the Lakers. Memphis knows they can reclaim home-court advantage with a win tonight, and they’ll be playing like it.

Seemingly everything went right for the Lakers in Game 3, but history tells us this shouldn’t hold.

Only five No. 7 seeds have won since the playoff format expanded to 16 teams in 1984.

Memphis has proved itself over and over again as a team that will never quit, no matter who’s in front of them. 

Grizzlies moneyline.

Over 219.5, -120

For the Grizzlies to win this game, they will have to be at their best offensively.

For lower seeds, they normally can’t ride the energy in Game 4’s as they do in Game 3’s (i.e. the Atlanta Hawks).

At their best, Memphis is an offensive machine with scorers everywhere. Same with LA.

The outcome of the game will be determined by who can make the clutch plays needed to win in the NBA Playoffs.

Outside of the bubble, the LeBron-led Lakers haven’t proven themselves.

This game will be more skill-oriented than the three prior, so a high-scoring outcome is likely.

LeBron James OVER 27.5 Points, -120

In the end, a critical Game 4 will be determined by the superstars.

With lots of offense in store tonight, expect LeBron to take over.

He’s seemed passive at times in this series, but someone with the amount of experience LeBron has knows when to control the game.

He had 25 points in a Game 3 performance that almost felt lackluster to his standards.

Memphis doesn’t have someone who can consistently guard LeBron in the half-court, and if (and when) the game is close in the fourth quarter, he will shine.

Parlay of the Game

LeBron James OVER 30 Points,

Ja Morant OVER 25 Points,

Grizzlies ML


It’s not hard to trust Ja Morant and LeBron James in the NBA Playoffs. 

Morant averages 28.9 points per game in the postseason, and LeBron averages 28.6.

Adding the Grizzlies moneyline significantly boosted the odds of this parlay, going from +23 to +725.

The Lakers looked phenomenal in Game 3, but do NOT sleep on this Memphis squad.

Craziest Odds

LeBron James NO Triple-Double, -10,000

This line is crazy strictly out of bias, and has nothing to do with his production on the court this season.

He only has two all year, but this is crazy based on his career output.


If you believe in a LeBron “turn back the clock” night, his odds for a triple-double are +1050.

Not a ton of value for a guy who has two this season.

Free Picks

In addition to the Best Picks and the Parlay of the Game, here are a few more odds with great value in tonight’s game.

Total Points: 221-230, +280

Grizzlies win by 6-10 Points, +600

Desmond Bane OVER 30.5 Points+Assists+Rebounds, -105

D’Angelo Russell UNDER 16.5 Points, -125

Grizzlies First Half ML, +135

Tonight’s game will be at 7 PM Pacific Time (10 PM Eastern) on TNT.

Go with your gut, and bet responsibly.

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