Bet Toronto Maple Leafs-Florida Panthers Game 3 Like A Pro

Well, well, well, the Toronto Maple Leafs finally made it to the second round. Not only did the Leafs make it to the second round, but they also avoided playing the Boston Bruins. Of course, that’s because Florida played spoiler and knocked off the Bs in seven games. Unfortunately for Leaf fans, that did not mean the second round task would get any easier. As proven by the Leafs being down 2-0 in the series, the Panthers are no pushover. And sharp bettors cashed in on that throughout the first two games. Now, how do the sharp bettors look to tackle Game 3?

Bet Toronto Maple Leafs – Florida Panthers Game 3 Like A Pro

Let’s get one thing straight, the sharps aren’t always right. Usually, they’re right 55% of the time. That’s enough to get quite a nice profit over the long term. The reason why this number is so small to some is because the pros are playing underdogs like the Florida Panthers. Mind you, these underdogs usually offer good value. Therein, that’s why the sharps made a conscious effort to back Florida in the first two games of the series.

For Game 3, the approach is slowly starting to change.

Game 3 betting

Early sharp buying indicates that the pros are starting to back the Maple Leafs -130 moneyline. Mind you, this is early buying, so, there’s always a chance this could be a head fake. A “head fake” for those not in the know is when the sharps bet the opposite side of a wager they like when the limits are low in hopes of getting a more favourable price on the other side of the wager when the limits increase.

I personally think that the sharps want to take a shot at Toronto. Is it a smart choice? I think so. It feels like a lot of the square bettors are starting to jump off the Leafs and starting to back Florida.

Potential wagers for Game 3

The Maple Leafs do make a lot of sense. If the Leafs can play a consistent 60-minute game, they should be able to beat Florida. I honestly don’t understand why the Leafs can’t do play a full game against an inferior opponent. It’s probably more of a mental thing than it’s anything else. And if that’s the case, such a wager could go down in flames the moment the Leafs give up a goal, especially if it’s the first goal of the game.

Nevertheless, I’d be amazed if the Leafs came out with a bad effort in Game 3. This is pretty much a must-win. Toronto needs to come out with a strong effort. I highly doubt the Leafs play a bad game here. That said, playoff hockey is 90% puck luck so anything can happen.

I’ll be taking a small shot at the Leafs -130 ML. It either wins easily or goes down in flames.

If you do bet on this game or anything else, please remember to wager responsibly. 1800GAMBLER if you need help!



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Christian Holmes, Toronto
Christian Holmes, Toronto
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